Good evening. By the way, does all the Bike polo know a state suddenly? Probably will there be so yet many people knowing this new extreme sports which was just in Japan still more? I knew myself existence in itself for a little, but this time was really the first time that I watched a genuine play!

I observed the spot by an introduction of the mambo of the polo player who played around Osaka this time. I photographed the photograph. I looked happier than expected when I watched a play in front, and I came to really have a mind to do it!

Originally I can become interested for me who love ball games and therefore begin motorcycle polo! I think that this is absolutely interesting. . !! Therefore I did it on the visit first day and have been fascinated by the charm wonderfully (I do not grasp it with a rule, and there is not well yet the motorcycle for polo, too.) And) is motorcycle polo right in the middle in this development road now, but because it is with the whole offer in polo player friends very much now to be interested in, please participate by all means! This is absolutely interesting. . Waku Waku. .

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